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Destroy photo bombers with Remove

People and various objects ruin a perfect shot far too often. Sometimes you just need them to just disappear.

Finally, I can delete anything I want! Scalado

Remove, by Swedish imaging company Scalado, promises to remove unwanted individuals who seem to creep and crawl into our pictures. After snapping a cluster of photos through the app, you can then remove objects by partially cropping them out, leaving behind the original background.

It almost seems too good to be true to have the option to remove an errant car, person, or drunkard.

No timetable has been released for Remove's debut, but a Scalado rep told The Verge that it is possible to "see it baked into manufacturers' camera applications within the next 3 to 12 months." Similar to many other of Scalado's technologies (such as zero shutter lag), do not expect to see this photo savior for download in an app store.

Remove is strongly reminiscent of Photo Fuse (part of Windows Live Essentials Photo Gallery) or the TouristEraser app for iOS devices.

After watching the video, Remove seems like some magical mumbo jumbo, but it is worth nothing that Scalado's various patented technologies (in camera, album, editing, and sharing) are found in over one billion mobile devices as of December.

Expect to see more about Remove on CNET during the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February.