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Destiny's Xur appears in World of Warcraft's new expansion

Activision is finally crossing its properties over with the addition of the exotic weapons vendor to World of Warcraft.

It was only a matter of time before Destiny was crossed over with publisher Activision's other properties, and now some players have found a pretty cool Destiny Easter egg in World of Warcraft. The MMO's new expansion, Legion, apparently includes a reference to Xur, the well-known (and often despised) Exotic weapons vendor from Destiny.

Legion is currently in closed beta, and a few of its players have discovered "Xur'ios," a vendor in Dalaran. The character looks pretty much identical to Destiny's Xur, and its inventory is full of even more direct references to Bungie's shooter. As laid out on the Destiny subreddit, Xur'ios sells items for Curious Coins (a nod to Destiny's Strange Coins).


Some of the items Xur'ios sells are always available, but one rotates each day. Many of the rotating items available for purchase reference Destiny items, such as Krota's Shield (Crota), Ingram's Puzzle (Engrams), and Gjallar's "Horn" (Gjallarhorn).

According to, you can acquire Curious Coins in random drops from several sources, including Heroic and Mythic dungeon bosses and treasure chests in the Broken Isles, among others.

World of Warcraft: Legion launches to the public on August 30, and you can watch our extended preview of the expansion here. Destiny is also getting a new expansion, called Rise of Iron, which launches on September 20. You can read more about Rise of Iron here.