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Destiny's Taken King Crucible content is free for a week before release

Two game modes and eight new maps, all for free.

As part of the Destiny patch releasing next week, Bungie is making The Taken King expansion's PvP content available for free--for one week, according to the developer's weekly update.

The two game modes include Rift -- essentially a neutral capture-the-flag mode -- and Mayhem, in which every character's super ability charges extremely fast.

The Destiny 2.0 patch releases Sept. 8, bringing several changes to Bungie's multiplayer shooter. Voice actor Nolan North is replacing the work of actor Peter Dinklage throughout the game. Destiny's bounty system, light levels and bounties are also getting overhauled.

The Taken King expansion releases exactly a week after the patch, on Sept. 15, along with story content and a new level cap of 40. Bungie shared details about the upcoming King's Fall raid, which releases three days after the expansion, tasking teams of Guardians with descending into the Hive dreadnaught in pursuit of Oryx.

In the same update today, Bungie also announced it's extending the Moments of Triumph until Sept. 14, giving players the chance to pursue their last few -- or one -- before The Taken launches.

GameSpot has a plethora of Destiny news and previews on the horizon, so stay tuned as the patch and expansion release.