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Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid's Heroic Mode release date revealed

Wrath of the Machine's Heroic mode is on the way soon.

The Heroic mode for Destiny: Rise of Iron's new raid, Wrath of the Machine, will become available on October 18, Bungie has suggested.

The image below, shared in Bungie's latest weekly blog post, reveals that Wrath of the Machine's Heroic mode will go live on that day. Nowhere in the blog post's text is the October 18 date ever confirmed, however, and Bungie specifically states that an exact date for this and other upcoming Destiny events will be discussed later.

It did not take very long at all for the first team of players to beat Wrath of the Machine when it arrived back in September. Bungie said you can expect the developer to keep an eye on Heroic mode and report back when it can confirm which team beat the raid first on that higher difficulty level.


Looking beyond the new Heroic mode for Wrath of the Machine, Destiny players can expect some changes to raid bosses, it seems, as Bungie teased, "Raid bosses will issue some challenges of their own." Additionally, "Outside the path of the Siege Engine, you'll also partake in festivals and races."

"We have some fun things to anticipate between now and the end of this calendar year," Bungie said.

This sounds like a reference to Destiny's upcoming Halloween and Sparrow Racing League events that Bungie confirmed back in August were on the way.

Destiny's newest Iron Banner event is going on now; you can read more about it here.