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Watch the first trailer for Destiny 2

The sequel to one of this generation's most beloved, loathed games, will arrive in September. Here's the first trailer.

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The first full trailer to Destiny 2, the sequel to the game millions loved to play and criticize, is finally here.

We won't spoil the story details, but just know things look a bit more bleak, the game will be hitting the PC along with Xbox One and PS4 and there will continue to be plenty of loot.

Destiny, which first debuted in 2014, came from beloved studio Bungie, famous for creating the Halo series. It was initially hit by mixed reviews for its repetitive gameplay, rough story and bizarre voice acting, but a series of expansions have since won over the game's sizable following.

An earlier teaser trailer confirmed that, as with its predecessor, PS4 playerers will have access to exclusive content. But beyond that, specifics about strikes, the Crucible, and most importantly raids, remain unknown as of now.

Destiny 2 will launch Sept. 8, with a gameplay reveal scheduled for May 18. A beta's also on the horizon for those who preorder.