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Destination scary: Navirobo GPS teddy bear

The Navirobo GPS teddy bear gives you visual navigation prompts.


So if I'm to believe the Japanese, I'm supposed to let this scary, strung-out Snuggles look-alike guide me to my next destination? Umm,, thank you. For one thing, look at it! I don't want this frightening critter sitting on my dash, looking back at me. And what exactly is that thing in the middle of its forehead? (A colleague seems to think it's his mystical third eye.) Secondly, I don't think this GPS-enabled teddy bear from Navirobo would be much help. Instead of giving you voice-guided, turn-by-turn instructions, it raises its furry, little paw to point you in the right direction, and if you miss a turn, the ball of white fluff will mock you. If you haven't thrown it out the window by then, it will dance a nice little jig once you get to your destination. Aww, ain't that sweet? Seriously, the only thing I can imagine myself using the Navirobo teddy bear for is a car-wash mitt.

(Photo: Engadget)