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Desktop Java beta gallops off

Sun releases beta of "Mustang" Java desktop software, which is set to be completed this fall.

Sun Microsystems said on Wednesday that the beta software for Java Platform Standard Edition 6.0, code-named Mustang, is available. The completed software, which was originally due circa midyear, will be available in the fall, Sun said. The Java Standard Edition, which is developed primarily by Sun, is software programmers use to write desktop applications.

With the Mustang release, Sun has sought to make it easier to use scripting languages such as PHP or Ruby to write portions of Java applications, said Bill Curci, product marketing manager for Java Platform Standard Edition. The update will also improve the diagnostics capabilities to spot bugs. Last year, Sun modified the license around Java to allow developers to see the source code more easily. Sun also changed its development practices so that outsiders can see and contribute to Java development.