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Desktop alternative to incense

The 'USB Fragrance Burner'

USB Geek

So let's say, just hypothetically, that you can't stand the person who occupies the next cubicle. We perennially chipper campers at Crave would never know how this feels, of course. But if we did--and couldn't resort to physical harm--we might seriously consider bringing something like this to work because the "USB Fragrance Oil Burner" could be the next best thing to incense when trying to keep irritating office mates at bay.

When closed, this little gadget could pass for a speaker or just about any other computer peripheral on the desktop. But it opens up to hold whater fragrance oil or scented candle you choose, especially one that's particular offensive to the colleague in question, perhaps even something known to trigger allergic reactions. (OK, maybe that last part is a little mean--but you've got to admit, it could be effective.) Or if you work at home, maybe it could work as a mini-bong.