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Designers craft fashion furniture from Lenovo tabletop PCs

Lenovo commissions designers to take the Horizon tabletop PC and embed it into welcoming and functional furniture.

Lenovo Treehouse PC table
The Lenovo tree house design brings some whimsical flair to computing. Lenovo

The dream of having large-screen interactive touch table computers in every home has taken its sweet time at becoming reality. Maybe it's the cost of the technology, or the lack of a good place to put it. Lenovo seems to think it may also be a matter of furniture fashion.

To spice up the home table PC concept, the company commissioned three unique takes on integrating its $1,700 IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC into the home environment. The designs range from the whimsical to the practical.

Nest tabletop PC furniture
The Nest is built for the modern living room. (Click to enlarge.) Lenovo

The Treehouse takes the 27-inch device and imagines it as a refugee from a magical forest. Designed by Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs, this design is the most eye-catching of the three. It certainly looks inviting for kids.

Since the Horizon has been positioned as a family-friendly casual gaming platform, designers Brooke Lichtenstein and Yiannos Vrousgos from Input Creative Studio created a modern-looking living room furniture set to contain the PC and offer extra storage. The Nest design wouldn't look out of place in a contemporary loft or any home stocked with Ikea furniture.

The final design, called AT-UM, comes from François Chambard. It's geared to catch the eye of graphic designers and artists. The table holding the PC can also be used as an easel and it comes with matching stools like you might find in an art studio. "The combination of the analog and digital worlds intrigues and inspires me to mix them and produce unexpected process and products," says Chambard.

It's fun to see three very different ideas of how tabletop PCs could become part of the decor of a home or studio space. The designs soften up the cold edges of the technology and make it more inviting. They also help with envisioning a future where a tabletop PC is just a normal part of a living room.

The one-off concept designs will be on display at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City from May 18-21.

AT-UM Lenovo design
The AT-UM tabletop furniture concept is geared for artists. Lenovo