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Designer Macworld Part 4: Mystery booth

What is this crazily decorated mini castle booth?

Mystery booth

I stumbled onto this booth and was immediately enchanted by the Escher meets Bruegel imagery and cardboard castle look. What could it be? There was no name on the outside, so you had to go in to find out. Hmm, sneaky...

Crumpler bags

Ah, of course, it's those whacky people from Crumpler, who make camera bags with names like Six Million Dollar Home. So the outside continues their irreverent and (apparently) random approach to branding themselves. But if you do random consistently and rigorously, it somehow comes together.

By the way, if you look closely at the outside you'll see the Crumpler logo, as well as James Bond's white Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me.

Crumpler booth