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Derek Jeter proves iPad is a computer

Commentary: The former Yankees star and now Miami Marlins part-owner unveils his new office. Two iPads and one large hand-sanitizer dispenser. Welcome to the modern world.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


So very modern. A lot of hand sanitizer.

screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's been a source of torture for some time now.

Yes, just like watching Derek Jeter's smuggish expression when the New York Yankees used to win.

Wait, what I am talking about? Whether the iPad is a computer. 

Apple suddenly began to insist that it is more than a year ago. Microsoft began to laugh at Apple on the subject around the same time. 

Well along comes the aforementioned Jeter to seemingly side with Apple. He's now a co-owner of the Miami Marlins. 

On Tuesday, the team tweeted a moody and beautiful shot of him in his new office. 

And what do we see? Two gleaming iPads -- they look like the latest iPad Pros to me -- and no computer.

"A new era begins," said the tweet. 

Well, indeed. An era in which high-flying executives can get all they need from their tablet and keyboard, apparently.

Apple CEO Tim Cook insisted two years ago that he travels with his just iPad Pro and his phone. He said he just didn't understand why people bought computers anymore. (Thank, Tim. Yours, on my third Macbook Air.)

Still, Jeter's office has that odor of stark modernity about it. Right down to that huge hand sanitizer dispenser. Is that what constant iPad Pro usage does to the mind?

Neither the Marlins nor Apple immediately responded to a request for comment.

Who can wait, though, for a revelation from, say, Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase, that he only uses Microsoft Surface -- proud sponsor of the NFL -- wherever he goes and never touches those archaic laptops?