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Depth is a game that proves you really need a bigger boat (PAX Aus 2015)

Ever wanted to play as a Great White Shark? You're in luck: It's shark versus human in this underwater multiplayer game from Atomiser games. It's never safe to get back in the water.

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PAX Australia 2015 ran from October 30 to November 1 and once again proved that the gaming and geek culture show is an absolute mecca for the best that the independent gaming scene has to offer.

Fun fact: I'm so scared of sharks I had difficulty watching Depth, let alone playing it. Depth, according to Digital Confections game designer Neil Reynolds, is an asymmetrical multiplayer game with two sharks versus four divers.

While the sharks have some speciality attacks (thresher sharks thresh and hammerheads hammer) the humans are stuck with a bunch of old Russian guns. They're also underwater, with sharks. Did I mention how terrified I am of sharks?

Depth has been out on PC for around a year now and the PAX showing was about announcing the impeding arrival on PS4. Now please excuse me while I throw my PS4 in the ocean.