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Deploying Zimbra in the university: A how-to webinar

Why would a university drop a proprietary messaging system to go with open-source Zimbra? Find out.

Zimbra graciously asked me to moderate a panel/webinar with a few of its university customers. Entitled "Campus IT Leaders Share Their Experiences Selecting and Deploying Next-Generation Messaging," we'll be walking through the anatomy of an open-source IT decision and figuring out the costs and benefits of moving from Exchange (and other proprietary systems, as well as from open-source messaging systems) to Zimbra.

Here's the teaser:

Wed November 7 @ 1:00 pm EST (10 am PST)

Often the best data points about which messaging and collaboration system to choose for a campus upgrade comes after the initial deployment. Thus, finding peers who can provide real world feedback is critical to the decision making process.

For this webinar we will have an open panel discussion featuring Zimbra customers Western Illinois University, Georgia Tech and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

You can register here. It should be enlightening to hear how these universities made the decision to go with Zimbra.