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This government recruitment ad is brilliantly awkward and uncool

How do you do, fellow Department of Finance graduates?

Being a graduate can be tough: Long hours, low wages, being forced to appear in poorly-scripted recruitment videos so your employer "goes viral"...

But if you work in the Department of Finance, going viral can happen for all the wrong reasons.

In a sign that making Canberra look good on screen is a Herculean task, the federal government's Department of Finance has scored a glorious own goal with a hip recruitment video targeting Kids These Days.

But unfortunately for the Department, The Youth are seeing right through the staged "casual coffee scenes."

We can just imagine the video production spitballing session now.

"Millennials don't care about housing cause they're too busy buying... what shall we say? Paleo Pear and Banana Bread? Excellent!"

"The grads should be talking about how they love talking to executives. And we'll know they mean it, because they'll say hi to an executive. The scene writes itself!"

Frankly, these grads are putting in an awesome effort -- we're pretty sure the DoF doesn't ask for a performance background when they're recruiting.

For its part, the Department of Finance said the video cost AU$4,000 to produce and is designed to reflect "the variety of work, cultural and social experience" on offer in the Department. And yes, the graduates are real and they use "some of their own words to reflect their own experiences."

Still, what happens when your recruitment video gets dissed by the very generation you're trying to recruit?

To borrow another Canberra phrase: Well may we say God Save the Queen, because nothing will save the Department of Finance.