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MP3 Players

Denon D-M37DAB: High-end name, low-end price

Denon's D-M37DAB is a stylish new all-in-one hi-fi with iPod compatibility, and a digital radio. And for only £300 complete with Denon speakers, we're more than just excited

For those of you who can't stretch to the gorgeous Denon CX3 system, a much more affordable entry into the Denon world is coming your way towards the end of June. It's the D-M37DAB, and as you may have guessed from the title, it's got an integrated DAB radio receiver. Brill.

It's a contemporary design, sporting the sleek brushed silver look we've come to expect from even more expensive hi-fi separates, and comes with or without a pair of Denon SC-M37 speakers.

Inside is both DAB and FM radio, a CD player that'll read MP3 and unprotected WMA discs, a USB socket for playback of music stored on flash disks, a rear-mounted socket for hooking up one of Denon's iPod docks, and a redesigned remote control from navigating your way through all these snazzy features.

But what we're most intrigued to find out is how it presents itself sound quality-wise. Denon continually impresses us in terms of performance, so we've got high hopes, despite this being something of an entry-level system for the manufacturer.

With speakers, the D-M37DAB will cost you £300; without them, it'll come to £230. Not bad at all, huh? We've got a unit on its way very soon, all being well, so expect a full ears-on report very soon. It'll be on sale at the end of June. -Nate Lanxon