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Dems' Orc Assassination Rogue elected to office in Maine

Colleen Lachowicz, demonized by the Maine GOP for playing World Of Warcraft, is elected to the state Senate.

And the winner is... World of Warcraft Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You might have spent election night rooting for Obama or Romney.

I occasionally squinted at the spectacle -- mesmerized at times by Karl Rove, his Mac and his pain -- but, at heart, I waited for news of Santiaga.

No, she is not a Hispanic singer who was bravely standing in Arizona. She is Colleen Lachowicz, the brave World of Warcraft enthusiast who was standing for the state Senate in Maine.

You might remember that I had enjoyed an earlier commitment to Santiaga.

The Maine GOP decided that her moonlighting as an Orc Assassination Rogue made her unfit for office. Indeed, her opponents sent out a mailer that declared her "bizarre double life" rendered her entirely questionable.

They discovered quotes from her, such as "I like to stab things and I'm originally from NJ. What's your f***ing point?"

Why am I building this up so passionately?

Because the people of Maine decided that Santiaga was eminently electable. Indeed, as the New York Daily News reports, the Democratic 68 orc rogue girl stabbed her opponent where it hurt. Metaphorically.

Gamers had actually been so moved by the Maine GOP's utter nonsense that they raised $6,300 to PACs that supported her.

The local Bangor Daily News reported that Lachowicz won by a murderous 900 votes.

Recent history has shown that it's easy to besmirch people. It's easy to call them names and suggest that they are unfit for office, or even for normal life.

Sometimes, though, real people see through your besmirchment.

Sometimes, real people are gamers.