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Demo 2008: More goodies on the way

The show hasn't even started yet, but we have Demo 2008 previews up, and more on the way.

PALM DESERT, CA-- In addition to the stories we just ran on products making their debut at Demo 2008, there are a few others we're watching out for and will report on if they're worth the coverage. Stay tuned to this blog for more previews, and starting tomorrow, evaluations of on-stage presentations and one-on-one demos. At the end of the show we'll do some quick comparisons, such as all the social networking sites and tools launching here.

The Demo conference officially opens on Tuesday, and if the official sessions themselves are interesting, I may do some liveblogging using the CoverItLive tool I recently wrote about (and which didn't work when the entire blogosphere had its eyes on it). See more of Webware's Demo 2008 coverage.