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Demand Media acquires blogging tool CoverItLive

The ubiquitous "content farm" has bought one of the Web's most popular live-blogging tools, which counts many publishers including CNET as clients.

The ubiquitous and controversial Demand Media has acquired CoverItLive, a live-blogging tool that lots of publishers--including CNET--use for hosting live chat events and covering news in real time.

Demand Media, which grew extraordinarily fast and recently went public, is best known as a freelancer clearinghouse for the production of search-engine-friendly content on sites like eHow (how-to tutorials) and Livestrong.com (health advice). The company has been hit with allegations that the majority of its content is cheap, low-quality, and pollutes search results--that is, that it's a "content farm"--something it understandably denies.

CoverItLive, typically used to quickly publish information about events where there's a high level of interest in real-time detail--we used it this week for Apple's iPad 2 announcement, for example--falls under the same of-immediate-interest publishing ethos that powers Demand's methodology, sort of.

"CoveritLive really reflects our mission as a company--publishing what the world wants to know and share. Consumers around the world are tuning in by the millions to participate in live events powered by CoveritLive, collectively spending over a billion minutes on the platform each month," Demand Media chairman and CEO Richard Rosenblatt said in a release. "CoveritLive's live event platform helps us continue to work towards that mission, building on both our social publishing model and our social media product offering with a platform that offers proven value to both brands and consumers."

Demand Media first made a "strategic investment" in CoverItLive in 2009, and plans to add it to its "portfolio of social solutions" that includes social-networking company Pluck.