Delta Restoring Flight Privileges to Some Customers Barred Over Masks

About 2,000 people were barred for mask violations, according to a report.

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Delta airlines jet

Customers previously barred from flying with Delta could soon fly with the company again.

Kent German/CNET

Delta Air Lines said Wednesday it plans to restore flight privileges to about 2,000 people who were barred from flying with the airline for violating mask rules, according to Reuters. This comes after mask mandates on airlines were lifted two weeks ahead of schedule.

"With masks now optional, Delta will restore flight privileges for customers on the mask noncompliance no-fly list only after each case is reviewed and each customer demonstrates an understanding of their expected behavior when flying with us," a Delta spokesperson told CNET. "Any further disregard for the policies that keep us all safe will result in placement on Delta's permanent no-fly list."

Delta has a separate list of about 1,000 people who are on the permanent no-fly list already due to their egregious behavior, and therefore their cases will not be reviewed, according to the report.

The mask mandate for airplanes and other public transportation was scheduled to end May 3 after a 15-day extension. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle lifted the mandate Monday, saying it was unlawful because the CDC didn't explain why it was extended and didn't allow public comment on it.

The Department of Justice is appealing the decision, but the majority of airlines in the US have ended their mask requirements for passengers in the meantime. 

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