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DeLorean push car costume for the littlest Marty McFly

A $25 push car is transformed into the ultimate baby-size DeLorean from "Back to the Future."

DeLorean push car costume
Push it to 88 mph, mom! cory4281/Instructables

Instructables user cory4281 scores a major win for geek moms everywhere with an impressive DeLorean push car and Marty McFly costume for her son on Halloween.

The "Back to the Future"-inspired costume began with a red puffy vest her son already had and an innocent aside about Marty McFly. It ended with the transformation of a push car into a little souped-up DeLorean with wheels rotated down, ready to fly through time.

The car is a $25 Step2 push car. The DeLorean is formed out of cardboard, tape, paint, and flexible blue EL wire lighting. An "OUTATIME" license plate is the cherry on the costume sundae. The car's push functions are totally intact, so little Marty can take his time machine for a spin around the neighborhood on Halloween night.

As long as the little time tyke can still fit into the push car, this is a costume that can last for multiple Halloweens. I would suggest dressing him us as future Marty for next year and Western cowboy Marty for the year after that. Then all the "Back to the Future" sequels will be accounted for.

In a perfect world, Baby Marty McFly would grow up to meet Baby Ripley from the "Aliens" Power Loader costume and they would fall in love and live together geekily ever after.

DeLorean from the back
This DeLorean might not be able to go fast enough to time travel. cory4281/Instructables

(Via Instructables)