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DeLorean-like hovercraft tools around near Golden Gate Bridge

Tourists near San Francisco landmark get an opportunity to photograph a real "Back to the Future" moment.

A 26-year-old graduate student named Matthew Riese has an ambition to create a business building custom hovercrafts. And he's making waves -- literally -- on the way to realizing that dream.

On Saturday, Riese's vehicle took a brief dip in the water and then spun out on a beach in San Francisco, giving tourists taking in views of the Golden Gate Bridge something entirely unexpected to photograph and show the folks back home. This wasn't the first time Riese's invention has made its way into San Francisco Bay. Here's a recording made last year of his craft zipping around McCovey Cove near AT&T Park, where the San Francisco Giants play baseball.

Riese funded the project through Kickstarter in 2010 by raising more than $5,600 to defray the cost of construction materials and labor.