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Dell's updated laptop lineup adds Core i5, Core i3, and new Mini 10s with better HD video

Dell jumps in on the Core i3 and i5 party, and the Mini 10 gets a little more entertainment-friendly.

Viewing the lineup from Dell's demo suite at the Palms. Sarah Tew/CNET

Dell's presser this morning had its biggest highlights with the Alienware M11x and the secret 5-inch Android tablet, but other products managed to get revealed as well.

The Inspiron 15 Dell

Dell being Dell, the variety of configurations in the Inspiron 14, 15 and 17-inch lineup remains massive, but most importantly the laptops are shifting to Core i3 and i5 processors inside. Dell promises better battery life and improved performance in a chassis that more closely resembles a thin-and-light.

Since Intel's announcement, Core i3 and i5 machines have been popping up everywhere, but Dell also promised that future iterations of the Inspiron and Studio line will continue to evolve in distinct design and function directions: Inspirons will be aimed at media consumption, while Studios will be targeted at media creators. Dell's Core i5 Inspirons are available immediately, while the Core i3 models will be available in a few weeks.


In other news, the Mini 10 lineup has been updated with next-gen Atom N450 processors. Added HD video acceleration and higher-res 10.1 inch screens should help the Mini 10 be a better video-streaming and HD video-viewing device, and an added digital TV tuner option will only add to its mobile couch-potato appeal. A new design format also tucks the battery behind the screen with a "hinge-forward" design, giving the Mini 10 a flatter bottom and eliminating some Netbook battery bulge.