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Dell's Studio Hybrid goes official

Dell announces Studio Hybrid and revamped Inspiron desktops.

Dell releases new small-scale Studio Hybrid PC. CNET

You can check here for our full review of Dell's long-teased, now-official Studio Hybrid desktop. It starts at $499, but our review model is a tweaked $874 version. This Mac Mini-esque small-scale PC has some creative design touches that give you lots of flexibility in terms of where you put it, but ultimately we found better deals from traditional midtower PCs and budget laptops. We'd only recommend it if you're dead-set on one of these tiny computers.

Dell's Inspiron 518 has a rubberized roof. CNET

Perhaps less glamorous, Dell's new mainstream tower desktop, the Inspiron 518, comes with an updated chassis design. The highlight is a rubberized top tray with two USB ports mounted on the back edge, to simplify storing and connecting external devices. Simple enough, but we wish Dell would add 64-bit Windows, even at this price range. After all, Gateway does. The baseline model goes for $399. We finished testing a $784 unit (have you noticed Dell really doesn't like submitting low-end desktops?), and our review will go up shortly.