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Dell's new LCD: 20 inches and a Webcam

Dell SP2008WFP: 20-inch wide-screen LCD monitor with Webcam

Dell Inc.

Dell released its first LCD monitor with an integrated Webcam today with the 20-inch Dell SP2008WFP. The 2.0-megapixel Webcam sits next to a microphone above the wide-screen display and can do video and photos and--with the included software--lets you engage in such activities as remote monitoring, motion detection, and time-lapse video capturing. The specs: 1,680x1,050 native resolution, HDCP support, a fast 2ms response time (gray-to-gray), and a high contrast ratio of 2000:1. The display features Dell's new silver color scheme and serves up four USB 2.0 ports in addition to DVI and VGA video ports. Dell lists a price of $289, or $20 more than its current, non-Webcam equipped, 20-inch 207WFP.