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Dell's new Latitude attitude

We've reviewed the new redesigned Dell Latitude.

We've seen more than a little interest in Dell's radically revamped Latitude line of business laptops. Our new review of the 14-inch Latitude E6400 is already one of the most-viewed laptops on CNET.

While we liked the excellent battery life and copious security features (and the backlit keyboard), you can get most of those from any decent business-minded laptop. What really stood out is the new brushed-metal design, which is a serious departure from the previous gray Latitude look, a staple of cubicle culture for several years.

To give you an idea of how different the new look and feel is, here are a few comparison shots of the Latitude E6400 and a slightly older Latitude D630, one of the most common laptops found in corporate America.

The new Latitude E6400
The previous Latitude design
Another view of the E6400
Same pose, with the D630