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Dell's new laptops leak (again)

Dell has some top-secret new laptops coming out.


Surprising virtually no one, Dell has some top-secret new laptops coming out, and there's already a bunch of leaked docs about them floating around the Interwebs this morning.

The mainstream Inspiron line, currently sitting at the 1420, 1525, and 1720 level, is getting an upgrade with three new models--the 14-inch 1435, the 15-inch 1535, and the 17-inch 1735, according to Engadget. (At least they stick to a simple, relatively obvious naming system--now can someone please explain to me why HP's 14-inch laptop is called the 2700?)

These look like they have a tapered design and prominent side hinge that's similar to the well-regarded XPS 1330 and 1530 models, as well as slot-loading optical drives and capacitive touch buttons.

The leaked docs we saw give a release date of October for the 1435, May 26 for the 1535, and June 9 for the 1735.