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Dell's laptop business is booming in Asia

Dell is selling more hardware in APAC. This is good as it should eventually mean more software to go with that hardware.

Dell, following IBM and others that have seen their most pronounced growth in emerging markets, is reporting booming sales in Asia-Pacific:

"Dell experienced 41% unit growth in Asia Pacific and Japan region" in the fourth quarter, said Mr. Dell, who is also founder and chairman of the world's second-largest personal computer maker. Mr. Dell said that in the fourth quarter the company's laptop business in the Asia Pacific grew more than 70%. Industry research firm IDC estimates that the laptop business is growing about 21% year-over-year in the region, he said.

This is great for Dell, and eventually should be great for open source. Asia Pacific hasn't been a booming market for commercial open-source vendors, but increased penetration of computers should provide fertile ground for the software to match them.