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Dell's Della site for gals causes facepalmage

This is how not to market to women.

Matt Hickey

Oh, Dell, did you start up a firestorm. Sure, your idea was great: create a site marketing your Netbooks to women. But instead of telling non-tech-savvy women what they can do with their laptops--download recipes!--you ended up offending the tech-savvy ladies, who, you know, are the ones who have actually bought your computers.

I have several friends who are women (no, really!). I showed the site to several of them and the feedback was completely negative. One of my friends actually said she now feels bad about the Dell Netbook she bought just two months ago. Awesome.

You see, computers are computers are computers. They are gender-neutral. Your ads should be too. The good news is you listened to consumer feedback over the past few days. Gone from the Della site are the tacky 1950s-style housewifeisms and the "shoe shopping" stuff. They've been replaced by more appropriate language.

Still, Della, your "site" for women, is still a little too "Sex in the City" and not enough "it's 2009 and we all have computers."