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Dell Windows 8 tablet now starts at $499

Dell is trying to make its tablets that run the full version of Windows 8 more price competitive.

Dell's Latitude 10 now starts at $499.
Dell's Latitude 10 now starts at $499. Dell

LAS VEGAS--The Latitude 10 tablet, which runs the full version of Windows 8, now starts at $499, Dell said today.

Dell claims it's the "first full-featured, enterprise-ready Windows 8 tablet experience at a price below $500."

True or not, it's clear that, so far, the Windows 8 tablets out there have not been cheap compared to some of their Windows RT and Android rivals.

Specs include 32-bit Windows 8, a dual-core Intel Atom 1.8GHz Z2760 processor, 10.1" IPS (1,366x768) LCD, Corning Gorilla Glass, Capacitive 10 Finger Touch, 2GB SDRAM, and 32GB of solid-state Storage.

The Latitude 10 is framed in magnesium alloy and weighs 1.43 pounds.

Dell said it "does not require new mobile device management or software licensing, supports new and legacy Windows applications, is compatible with Adobe Flash and connects with existing peripherals."