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Dell vs. Apple: Miseducation?

A reader writes that although Dell Computer has made gains in education sales, Apple Computer still reigns supreme.


Dell vs. Apple: Miseducation?

In response to the June 14 Newsmaker interview with Dell Computer executive Bill Rodrigues:

You're obviously not able or willing to do all your homework, or you would have noticed that Apple still beat out Dell for the entire year. (Dell simply outsold Apple for the last quarter.)

"But Apple (may lose the) bragging rights as king of the classroom. The title (could soon) belong to Dell Computer, (which had a major education push in the last quarter yet fell short by losing the year to Apple)."

It's amusing you say that Dell "nabbed more...within the last 12 months." All this after the release of the new iBook, too. You're as bad as Michael Dell himself, badmouthing Apple simply because Steve Jobs said beige computers were ugly. Why not go ahead and say Apple is dead? Hell, quote some from Dell's interview. You could beef up your expert opinion and almost sound like an unbiased reporter.

Bob Smith
Blacksburg, Va.