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Dell Venue Pro arrives tomorrow, despite delays

The Windows Phone 7-packing Dell Venue Pro smart phone could fall into your lap tomorrow, despite reported delays.

The Dell Venue Pro could fall into your lap within days, after all. Dell told us just moments ago that the delayed Windows Phone 7 smart phone will be available on 1 March, and confirmed the official price.

The Venue Pro runs the slick Windows Phone 7 operating system. Windows Phone 7 includes Bing search, Xbox Live for games, and Zune for music and video, but the shelves of Microsoft's App Marketplace are still relatively bare compared to the Android Market and Apple App Store.

The limply named but serious-minded smart phone packs a 4.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera and built-in, non-removable 16GB microSD card. It boasts an unusual sliding Qwerty keyboard, popping out vertically rather than horizontally like most keyboard sliders.

We've waited five years for a new Dell phone, but Dell seems determined to make us wait a little longer. Earlier this month, retailers reported the Venue Pro had been delayed indefinitely, much to the dismay of many CNET UK readers. At the time of writing, Expansys still says the phone will arrive on 26 March. Ordering directly from Dell should put a Venue Pro in your hot hands much sooner than that, however.

And the price? Dell wants £460 of your hard-earned cash, which also includes a year's warranty. Slide on down to the comments and let us know whether you think the Venue Pro will be worth the wait.