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Dell unveils 'thin and light' Inspiron laptops, Adamo-style

As at CES earlier this year, Dell shows, but doesn't tell much about two new laptops coming later this summer.

Dell thin and light laptop
Dell execs show off new thin and light Inspiron laptops at an event in Paris Tuesday. Nate Lanxon/CNET

PARIS--CNET got a "world first" teaser at a Dell keynote here in Paris, when Dell execs Michael Tatelman (pictured right) and Phil Bryant surreptitiously showed off two new laptops coming to the company's Inspiron lineup--both described as belonging to the "thin and light" category (as opposed to fat and clunky, one trusts).

Similar to the stunt the PC maker pulled at CES in January with the Adamo, nothing was revealed about specs. We were able to talk with Tatelman after his keynote, where he confirmed both models would launch in "late summer" this year. He didn't reveal what lost bet caused Bryant to appear with the pink version.

The most interesting of the two models is the one on the right-hand side in the photo above. It appears to be a thin, much sleeker 15-inch Inspiron. The model on the left, also an Inspiron, is possibly a thinner, lighter Mini 10.

Look for more news of these notebooks over the coming weeks.

Dell thin and light laptop
A closeup of one of the new laptops coming this summer from Dell. Nate Lanxon/CNET

(Source: Crave UK)