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Dell tops list of young, richer-than-thou techies

The richest person under 40 years old is not a Nethead, but a PC geek, according to Fortune magazine.

The richest person under 40 years old is not a Nethead, but a PC geek, according to Fortune magazine.

Dell Computer chief executive Michael Dell topped the list of the "40 Richest People Under 40," the magazine reported. Dell's net worth stands at $21.49 billion, Fortune said. That's more than enough money to buy "computers for every U.S. high school student," it added.

But Internet CEOs still dominate the list. chief executive Jeff Bezos ranks second, with a net worth of $5.74 billion, more than enough money to "wipe out the external debt of Honduras."

The complete top ten earners under 40 are, in order, as follows: Dell, Bezos, Gateway chief

Top 10 richest under forty
1. Michael Dell, 34
Dell Computer
$21.5 billion
2. Jeff Bezos, 35
$5.7 billion
3. Ted Waitt, 36
$5.4 billion
4. Pierre Omidyar, 32
$3.7 billion
5. David Filo, 33
$3.1 billion
6. Jerry Yang, 30
$3.1 billion
7. Henry Nicholas III, 39
$2.4 billion
8. Rob Glaser, 37
$2.3 billion
9. Scott Blum, 35
$1.7 billion
10. Jeff Skoll, 33
$1.4 billion
executive Ted Waitt, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, Yahoo cofounders David Filo and Jerry Yang, Broadcom chief executive Henry Nicholas III, RealNetworks chief executive Rob Glaser, founder Scott Blum, and eBay vice president of strategic planning Jeff Skoll.

CNET vice chairman Shelby Bonnie, 35, ranked 24 at $403 million; and CNET chief executive Halsey Minor, 34, was No. 31 at $354.9 million. CNET is the publisher of

In addition, most of those on the list aren't covered with ivy: Only 7 attended Ivy League schools, 3 went to Stanford, 18 attended "other" schools, and 12 dropped out.

Entertainers also made the list, but they did not rank as high as the techies. Rapper Master P, 29, ranked No. 28 at $361 million; and former basketball star Michael Jordan, 36, ranked 29 at $357 million.

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, with a net worth of about $102 billion, has more than the top 40 combined. But at 43 he's too old for Fortune's tally. Also too old are eBay chief Meg Whitman, 42, and singer Michael Jackson, 41.