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Dell takes aim at gamers in deal with HMV

In a dramatic u-turn of its online-only business model, Dell will start selling PCs inside HMV -- courtesy of a deal with Intel and

Dell will start selling PCs inside HMV in a dramatic u-turn of its online-only business model. Dell's XPS-branded machines will take centre-stage in dedicated gaming areas operated by Gamerbase, in a deal that aims to "redefine the multiplayer gaming culture within a retail environment". We imagine this means they hope it won't smell of Mountain Dew and body odour.

The first Gamerbase facility opened on Monday in HMV's London Trocadero store. It occupies 2,300 square feet, and features dozens of Dell-branded PCs -- including, but not limited to, the XPS range. The public is free to try these machines with the option of purchasing directly from the store.

The deal makes sense for all involved. Dell raises its profile among gamers; HMV gives people a reason to actually leave the house; Gamerbase gets to stand on the shoulders of giants; and gamers get to try the latest titles on the fastest hardware.

Interestingly, it's actually cheaper to buy Dell machines via Gamerbase. Customers automatically get a 5 per cent discount off the online price, and still qualify for any additional discounts found on The £849 XPS 420, for example, works out about £40 cheaper if you buy it in-store.

Gamerbase is in talks with HMV to open gaming areas in other stores across the UK, so keep your eyes peeled for a bargain near you. -Rory Reid