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Dell Studio XPS 13 laptop shipping with Ubuntu

Dell is now offering the Studio XPS 13 laptop with Ubuntu Linux. If only it explained the benefits of running Linux instead of Windows.

Dell is now offering its ultra-hip Studio XPS 13-inch laptop with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed. It's nice to see Dell taking Ubuntu seriously enough to offer it as a standard option, but a bit disappointing to see that they are not offering the latest 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope release.

In light of Ubuntu's recent move to cloud services--offering Web-based file sync and sharing I'd like to think that this is just an early step in a partnership. Dell must recognize that there is a large untapped market opportunity for not just netbooks, but for the services revenue to manage devices and files.

Dell selling Ubuntu
Dell selling Ubuntu Screenshot by Dave

On a less positive note, I have to imagine that fewer technical users would be confused as to why they should choose Ubuntu when the top of the product page clearly states "Dell recommends Windows Vista Home Premium." No company that cares about its customers recommends Windows Vista Home Premium (zing!).

(Via Engadget)

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