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Dell Streak Pro 10-inch Honeycomb tablet rumoured for June launch

A 10-inch Dell Streak Pro tablet may be set for a summer launch, complete with Android Honeycomb and neat accessories.

Dell could be readying a 10-inch Streak Android tablet, inevitably titled the Streak Pro, with a June launch date, according to a new leak.

The tablet would run Android 3.1 Honeycomb, use a dual-core Tegra 2 processor and feature a 1,280x800-pixel resolution display, Dutch site reports. Two cameras (2- and 5-megapixel), two microphones and up to 64GB of storage are also supposedly packed in.

With specs this impressive, the only slight disappointment is that the Tegra 2 may not be a T25 running at 1.2GHz but a T20 maxing out at 1GHz. With the common practice of manufacturers underclocking their processors to squeeze out more battery life, the Streak Pro could even be heading into MHz territory.

Dell may also bundle or sell separately a media dock, a keyboard and various charging accessories, aiming the Pro at the consumer market while not snubbing the suits. Basic customisation is possible -- you can have the tablet in black, pink, red or blue.

We've been expecting a couple of larger tablets from Dell for a while, with industry sources touting a summer landing for the Android version and a Windows 7 version coming in the autumn.

It builds upon the first 5-inch Dell Streak and subsequent 7-inch model. Fortunately Dell finally seems to have got the message that it's building tablets and not phones, loading up Android 3.1 and not 2.2.

We were a little dubious over some of Dell's interface design decisions on the 5-inch Streak. With so much more screen space available on a 10-inch model, and with the obvious iPad comparisons that will ensue, we hope Dell makes a better of this one.