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Dell Streak Android 2.2 Froyo update expected in next two weeks

Dell has confirmed that its Streak, the 5-inch tablet phone, will be receiving an Android 2.2 Froyo upgrade before the end of November, in the next two weeks.

Dell Streak owners still stuck on Android 1.6 will be able to savour the sweet taste of Android 2.2 Froyo on their 5-inch tablet phones this month.

The update is expected to rollout over the air in the next two weeks -- before the end of November, according to a post on the Dell UK Facebook page.

You should receive a notification of the update on your Streak when it's ready. Dell said if you didn't see the update before the end of November, be patient, as your device may be getting it at a later stage.

At one point Dell allowed you to download the update directly from one of its websites, according to, as pictured in the screenshot above. But this link has since been pulled in favour of an over-the-air update. This method seems to be the consensus among makers of Android handsets.

Dell has tried to update the Streak before with Android 2.1 through O2, but that turned into an ungodly mess, with many Streak users finding the update took away more features than it provided. Some couldn't upgrade at all, and caused problems with the existing Android 1.6 OS.

Dell then wisely decided to skip Android 2.1 Eclair altogether and drop Android 2.2 on to handsets instead. It seems a sensible move, appeasing many Streak owners who've had to use an outdated OS until now and who suffered through O2's catastrophic upgrade.

Why Sony Ericsson, which is only just getting round to sticking Android 2.1 on its Xperia handsets, hasn't done this we don't know. But Dell Streak owners won't care about that, and simply enjoy benefits such as improved performance, Flash 10.1, and the ability to turn the Streak into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

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