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Dell Streak 7 Android tablet quietly disposed of

Dell has stopped selling the Streak 7 online in the US, signalling the end of its foray into the Android tablet market.

It looks like Dell's on to a losing Streak -- the PC manufacturer has stopped selling the Streak 7 tablet online in the US, saying that the 7-inch Android tablet is 'no longer available'.

In a statement sent to Engadget, Dell says it, "remains committed to the mobility market and continues to sell products here and in other parts of the world."

Dell adds, "The Streak 7 delivered a unique experience for customers who wanted a larger screen size yet the freedom of staying connected to their personal and professional content while on the go."

The Streak 7 is still listed on Dell's UK website, selling for £250, but the fact it's been ditched in the States -- and the fact that Dell's statement refers to the device in the past tense -- is an extremely ill omen for the diminutive Android tablet. We expect it will quietly fade away in the near future, much like the earlier 5-inch Streak, which is now listed as 'unavailable' on Dell's Blighty-based shop.

The Streak 7 hardly set our world on fire -- when it launched it was running Android 2.2 Froyo, and while it's since been updated to Honeycomb it doesn't offer much to make it more appealing than the raft of rival Android tablets out there, or indeed Apple's iPad 2.

We wouldn't be surprised if Dell drops out of the Android race for now -- the company is most successful when it comes to flogging Windows computers, so we might see more Dell tablet efforts once Windows 8 is ready.

Dell owns Alienware, so it could start making tablets geared towards gamers, something we've not really seen to date.

Were you a Streak fan? Or will you be crying no tears over this latest casualty in the tablet war? Tell us in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.