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Dell slips up with Linux PC warranty options

The company "inadvertently" removes extended warranty choices for Linux PCs, but they'll be back Tuesday.

Last weekend, Dell inadvertently removed the option to purchase extended warranties for its new Ubuntu Linux PCs, but the company said the option will be back Tuesday.

"Due to an ordering system glitch during the weekend, we inadvertently removed extended warranty and CompleteCare options. We're working to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible and those options will be reinstated this afternoon," the company said in a statement Tuesday.

Any customers who ordered a Dell Ubuntu system when the extended warranties weren't available will have the option of upgrading at the original price, Dell said. It will announce details "soon" about that option.

Users of the Digg site noticed and discussed the change on Sunday. Some saw dire portents in Dell's move: "I think it was a failed attempt to please a community that never had any intention of even buying the machines, let alone paying for extended warranties on them," griped one poster. "Why would they want to commit themselves to supporting these machines for years if they're not even making enough sales to release PR crap hyping up the community about how it was a great idea/success/etc."