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Dell showcases new mystery XPS desktop

Dell showcases new mystery XPS desktop

We actually saw this new XPS desktop from Dell way back at CES in a closed-door meeting. We were impressed then, and we remain impressed today. Dell won't divulge details about the config or the price, and it won't even open up the case entirely, but based purely on aesthetics, we think Dell might finally be starting to "get" what it takes to make a competitive gaming desktop.

The 2.5mm-thick aluminum chassis emulates the design of a jet intake, and it's canted forward in a way that Dell claims increases usability. A lighting scheme in the front and on the rear panels illuminates drive buttons, inputs, and cables, making it easy, Dell suggested, to interact with the case in a low-light environment in which you might be gaming. Thankfully abandoning the much-maligned hinged system of the XPS 600's chassis, this new XPS features a top-side latch and right panel door that folds down, suggesting a BTX interior. Dell was undecided on custom paint jobs, but said that you'll be able to order either silver with a red grille or silver with a black grille. The X-Men 3: The Last Stand case featured in the picture is a one-off Dell will be using as a sweepstakes prize when it starts promoting the new XPS desktop in earnest. As for when that might happen, Dell wouldn't say.