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Dell server packages to include Symantec software

Dell, which already sells several packages that combine its server hardware with others' software, plans to broaden its portfolio through a deal with Symantec.

The Round Rock, Texas-based computer maker is known mostly for low-cost, high-efficiency operations. But to increase revenue from customers buying more complicated server technology, the company emphasizes "solutions" that match hardware and software appropriate to various tasks.

Dell's most successful "solutions" bundle its servers with EMC's VMware virtualization software, Oracle's and Microsoft's database software and Microsoft's Exchange e-mail software, said Paul Gottsegen, vice president of worldwide enterprise marketing, in an interview. But the company will expand its partnerships with a Symantec deal the company plans to detail "in the near term," he said. "What you'll see from us, maybe a couple weeks from now, is our next solutions launch."