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Dell S2330MX review: Skinny and cheap

The Dell S2330MX offers one of the thinnest panels we've seen yet, at a very reasonable price.

The Dell S2330MX is thin and easy on the eyes. Probably why it's earned glaring looks from certain jealous individuals at the CNET offices all week. Josh Miller/CNET

When purchasing a monitor, most buyers expect a few key things from their investment: good performance, enough connection options to meet their needs, and a reasonable price. Sometimes there's a specific need for really high performance or advanced ergonomic options, but in general, a monitor that performs well is enough for most.

Personally, I need a little more out of life than a well-performing monitor; well-done comic-book-based movies (you suck, summer 2011!) and video games that actually live up to their hype are a good start.

The Dell S2330MX is one of the thinnest monitors we've seen and costs a low $250, but does it satisfy those basic monitor needs, and if so, does it dare to go any further? Find out in the full review.

Yes, I just linked to the same page in the same paragraph twice: Dell S2330MX 23-inch Ultra-Slim monitor. You call it annoying, I call it insurance.

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