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Dell rounds out the XPS line with the Core 2-based XPS 210

Dell rounds out the XPS line with the Core 2-based XPS 210

As expected, Dell rounded out the updates to its XPS line of desktops by adding the XPS 210, a Core 2 Duo-based replacement for the XPS 200 small-form-factor PC released last year. This system becomes more compelling now that it has Intel's hot new chips in it, but we're still not sure about the design of the thing. If you're really interested in a media PC with a small footprint, Apple's Mac Mini or the WinBook Jiv Mini are more compact, and for power, Shuttle, Falcon Northwest, and other vendors have slightly larger chassis that can accommodate full-size expansion cards for more powerful gaming and other upgrades. Like the XPS 200 before it, the XPS 210 tries to strike a balance between size and capability, but in general we prefer products that stick their feet more firmly in one camp or another. The most basic XPS 210 model will cost you $899 without a monitor. We've finished testing our review unit, too, and we'll have the full review up shortly.