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Dell rolls out the Renegade, but limited means limited

Dell rolls out the Renegade, but limited means limited

We admit we had our doubts, but it looks like Dell proved us wrong and is actually selling its supercharged XPS 600 Renegade desktop. For as long as its supply lasts, Dell will be selling the custom-painted, Quad SLI XPS 600 Renegade, with the automotive price of $9,930. Since it showed off the prototype at CES, Dell has upgraded the specs to Intel's new Pentium Extreme Edition 965 (with a warrantied overclock of 4.26GHz from the factory-standard 3.73GHz) and the Ageia PhysX physics accelerator card, both of which were also announced today. Dell's 30-inch 3007WFP LCD is included in the price.

Dell informed us that it does, in fact, mean it when it calls the XPS 600 Renegade a limited-edition system. When it's sold out, it's sold out. And while Dell will be adding the Ageia card to its XPS 600 and XPS 400 configurations as well, it won't be adding Quad SLI. Dell also is sticking to its dual-external power brick design for the Quad SLI. We've heard that other Quad SLI system vendors have been able to work around the unsightly external power supplies.