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Dell rolls out massive laptop hard drives

Dell's got the biggest laptop hard drives ever

Laptops are all about cramming the most stuff into the least amount of space, so the Interwebs are rightfully buzzingabout the latest offerings found in the Dell and Alienware online system configurators.

With no prerelease hype, you can now order an Alienware m9700 or Dell XPS M2010 with a gigantic 250GB 2.5-inch hard drive (running at 5,400rpm)--or even pair two drives up for half a terabyte of ripped DVDs data storage.

That's better than the 160GB drives most laptops topped out at until now, but what's all that extra capacity going to cost you? For an Alienware m9700, choosing a single 250GB drive bumps the price up $300 over the default 80GB version.