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Dell resumes shipments of Inspiron 9100, XPS

The delay in production, which affected only the two notebook models, creates some backlog.

Dell this week resumed shipments of its Inspiron XPS and Inspiron 9100 notebooks, after halting their production for a short time to replace a component that did not meet specifications, a company representative said. The representative declined to name the part.

Dell sometimes stops production of a PC model to make improvements or fix problems. Last year, it stopped Dimension XPS production to adjust the desktop's manufacturing process. The most recent delay, which affected only the two Inspiron models, created some backlog. Manufacturing of most configurations of the notebooks generally takes 20 days, compared with Dell's five-day notebook average. As a result, delivery times for most of the machines have stretched out to about a month. Dell will work to fill the orders as quickly as possible, however, the representative said.