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Dell puts Inspiron desktop on a diet

The slimline and mini-tower Inspirons downsize their footprint, but won't exactly fade into the background.

Dell Inspiron slim desktop

Dell is taking the Inspiron desktop and minimizing it.

The new Inspiron Slim and Inspiron Mini-Tower start at $299 and have a variety of exterior hues from which to choose. There are eight colors (all of which sound like shades of polo shirts available at J. Crew): piano black, pure white, true blue, formula red, tangerine orange, spring green, plum purple, and flamingo pink.

Dell Inspiron Slim

You may recognize these, since CNET actually got a sneak peek at them during a visit to Dell's design lab in Austin, Texas, earlier this month.

We here in the U.S. actually won't see these until later this year. China gets first crack at them starting Monday, which falls in line with Chief Executive Michael Dell's recent comments about increasing the company's focus and presence in China. They'll be available on, and through Chinese retailers Suning and Gome.

Both new models of the Inspiron come with a variety of Intel and AMD processor options; Intel or ATI Radeon graphics (integrated or discrete); up to 8GB of memory; up to 750GB or 1TB storage; six USB ports; and dual optical drives including Blu-ray.