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Dell opens new customer centers

Dell announced intent to open two new customer centers next year to help server its American and Filipino customers.

The No. 1 computer maker said it will open a customer contact center in Makati City, Philippines early next year to assist people the Metro-Manila area. The site will initially host 700 technical support and customer service agents and 70 key leadership and administrative positions.

Separately, Dell signed a lease this week for 156,000 square feet of office space in the Kanata region in the west end of Ottawa. The site is expected to begin operation in February 2006 and will eventually host 500 technical support staff for Dell's North American customers.

Dell reported positive second quarter financial earnings on Wednesday but warned that it's own price cuts were hurting its bottom line.

Dell is working hard to bolster its sales outside of the U.S., where it currently ranks No. 2 behind Hewlett-Packard. CEO Kevin Rollins has said he expects about 55 percent of Dell's growth in the next four years to come from outside the Americas.