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Dell on display in Smithsonian

Michael Dell donates one of his company's original computers to the National Air and Space Museum.

To be clear, that's a Dell computer, not Michael Dell now on display in the halls of the Smithsonian.

Dell, who earlier this year was reinstalled as CEO of the company he founded, donated his employee badge, a new Dell PC, and an original computer from PC Limited (Dell's original brand) made in 1985 to the National Air and Space Museum. The collection of items opened Thursday in Washington, D.C., as part of a temporary exhibit called "Treasures of American History."

An Altair computer, first-generation IBM PC and original Apple Macintosh are already in the collection.

The PC Limited machine was actually in the possession of a North Carolina couple that recently traded it for a new Dell PC when they found out it was a historical artifact, according to CNN.

If the fact that something made in 1985 can be displayed in a history museum makes you feel old, you're not alone.