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Dell Netbook now 3G-enabled in the U.S.

Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 can now be ordered with AT&T mobile broadband service contract.

Dell Mini 3G
Dell Mini 9--now with 3G in the U.S. Dell

The Inspiron Mini 9 can now be ordered with built-in mobile broadband, Dell announced Tuesday.

Just last week, CEO Michael Dell confirmed the company was signing up more wireless providers as partners on its new line of Netbooks, but gave no specific date. Dell has offered 3G capability with Vodafone for European customers since the device's September launch.

Now U.S. customers get their turn. For $125 more, the 9-inch Netbook can now be configured with embedded WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network). But right now, AT&T is offering a $120 rebate to those who sign a new two-year service contract.

The new wireless offer is only available on new Windows XP versions of the Mini 9.